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Web Video and Audio

Adobe Flash: The video and audio files on use Adobe Flash to run in your web browser. If you are unable to view some or all of the video or audio files, please check the following items on your system:

Web Browser Support: has been tested on all major browsers (Mozilla Firefox v3.0+, Internet Explorer v7.0+, Google Chrome v4.0+, Apple Safari v3.0+) on both, the Windows and Macintosh platforms. However, we highly recommend you browse our site using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

JavaScript: Please ensure JavaScript is enabled in order to view many of our videos, audio files, and resources. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to enable JavaScript for your particular browser.

Firewalls: Corporate Networks or Firewalls may block our audio or video streams. If you meet all of the above requirements and have a firewall installed, or are on a corporate network and still cannot view our video or audio, please try opening a firewall port to allow access to our video and audio streams.

File Downloads

File Formats: provides numerous resources which you are free to download. File formats you can expect to see are:

Please ensure you have the proper software enabled on your system to view these resources.

Still having problems?

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