How You Can Blow Away Your Competition By Offering Free Delivery

For any business to be successful, it must do something to separate itself from the competition. That means it must become unique and offer special value to its prospects and customers. One of the most valuable things you can do for your prospects and clients is to make their experience in dealing with you "ultra-convenient." Providing convenience is one of the driving forces behind many highly successful businesses operating today. It's a great way to make your business unique.

Free delivery strategies are a great place to start. If your business is one where your customers must come to you to make their purchases, try to incorporate free delivery into the purchase price. This is especially true if you sell what is often regarded as a commodity. For example, when you need a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs, the biggest hassle you have is running to the store to get them. That's why grocery delivery services have been winning customers over the past ten years.

Fragile, odd-shaped and heavy items are great things to offer to deliver to your clients for free as it removes the concern of transport and potential damage. If you don't have the ability to deliver yourself, there are a number of highly competitive courier companies who can deliver to major metropolitan areas for around $12.00-$15.00 per delivery.

Use free delivery as a way to cultivate a database of prospects that you know are motivated by this relatively easy way to provide a value-added service. You can then make it even more convenient by encouraging them to purchase without having to visit you.

For example, a pick-up and drop-off dry cleaning service will attract clients more readily than a dry cleaner that relies on their clients to bring their clothing to them. This is considered a basic commodity… and the biggest frustration is simply finding the time to take the clothes to the dry cleaner.

How many more customers would a dry cleaner attract if they suddenly offered to pick up and deliver a specific neighborhood's dry cleaning on a weekly basis? They could easily double their business. The key here is to target specific neighborhoods. After all, once you're in the area, it's no big deal to add several additional stops without incurring any additional costs.

If you select to use this strategy, be sure you combine it with our "While I'm In The Neighborhood Referral Strategy." This powerful combination could easily double or triple your revenue overnight from each neighborhood you service.