7 Steps To Every Sale

The Ultimate Method for Developing
Master-Level Salespeople

If you're interested in developing salespeople with master-level skills, here's the method that will absolutely, positively help you accomplish this.

The following Seven Steps to Every Sale make this method revolutionary. These seven steps are essential to every sale. There is, however, a principle that's essential for success with the seven steps.

No skill is gained by mere intellectual agreement

There is a missing ingredient to almost every sales training program, and it's not information. In fact, the "better" (based upon popularity) sales training programs usually have more information, better information, and even more advanced ideas and concepts.

Herein lies the problem with most sales training programs: You do not gain skill by intellectual agreement. For example, you might be very capable of understanding the principle behind a judo flip, but to be able to do it, you have to practice it. To do it perfectly every time, you have to practice it continually.

If you've ever been part of a highly trained team, you know the sense of confidence that translates into success. The secret to building an excellent sales force (or team of any kind) is in repeating core training on basic sales skills again and again.

The levels of learning…

The lowest level of learning is memorization. It's easy to memorize the seven steps to every sale, but that doesn't mean that you can apply them. However, it's an excellent starting point.

The highest level of learning is known as synthesis. This means that you have learned the material so well that you can synthesize it into your own style and method of doing things. Synthesis requires a lot of repetition and practice.

To achieve synthesis in your sales team, begin by having them commit the following seven steps to memory, then set about polishing each skill area until your people are masters of each.

The Seven Steps to Every Sale…


These seven steps are core sales skills and procedures. Just as basketball coaches must constantly train their players on lay-up shots and blocking, sales managers must constantly train their players on polishing every angle of the Seven Steps to Every Sale.

Smart companies build tools, policies, and procedures that support these seven steps. The more standards you set, the higher the performance you can expect from every level of talent.

Go forth and master The Seven Steps to Every Sale. Only constant practice and repetition will create master-level salespeople.