How To Develop Your Own Webinar / Teleseminar Strategy

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To maximize the effectiveness of this powerful strategy, review the Strategic Endorsements Strategy so you can set up proper Joint Venture partnerships who will then in turn recommend and endorse your webinar or teleseminar to their clients and prospects.

If your hosting the webinar or teleseminar live, be sure to record it and have it professionally edited. However, if holding the event live simply doesn't work due to timing or logistical issues, record the session separately. This can be as simple as obtaining a free conference call service that offers a recording option such as for teleseminars, or recording your PowerPoint presentation using a video recording software such as Camtasia (PC) or ScreenFlow (Mac).

Your presentations can be interview style with someone asking you questions or you can record a solo presentation. For this strategy to produce results, a live presentation is NOT required. The vast majority of your attendees will listen to the recording of the event.

If you make presentations by either teleseminar or webinar, you will typically average a 30% show-up rate when compared with total registrants. So for every 100 prospects who register for your presentation, only 30 of them will actually attend.

You can dramatically increase the number of prospects who did NOT attend to either watch or listen to your presentation by following these tactics.

Place the recording of the teleseminar or webinar on a separate landing page with your sales letter and email ALL registrants that landing page URL. (Often, the ones who did attend will want to view the information a second time, so do NOT exclude them from this email). Email them a minimum of 3 times over two weeks.

After you position the recording of your presentation on this landing page, create a dramatically "condensed" version of your presentation… and position this shorter version directly below the original recording. Be sure you label them clearly that the top presentation is the 60 minute version (or whatever the time actually was) and label the second presentation something like this… "Short on time? Here is a 24 minute "condensed version of the presentation above." In many instances, you will see a 10 to 1 opt-in for the shorter version versus the longer one.

After you email them the original presentation a total of 3 times over two weeks, send them an email that the shorter version is now available, and send them to the same link. Many of them will still watch the longer version once they get there.

If your presentation is a webinar that contains a PowerPoint presentation, allow your prospects coming to your landing page to download those PowerPoints so they can scan them and still get the power of the visuals.