Use These 9 Step Proximity Marketing Strategies For Service-Based Businesses

Recommended strategy for any service related business performed at an on-site location

Social proof is an effective marketing tool, and simply telling neighbors that one of their own has chosen your company for a particular service or product does wonders for your lead generation and sales. We have developed a marketing campaign to help you capture business in the areas that you're already working in. If you're replacing windows in one home, why shouldn't you target the neighbors' windows?

Step 1 Proximity Campaign Marketing Tool:

Because the business you're coaching will expect a lot from the homeowner (their client) during this type of marketing campaign, you want to develop a handy marketing tool that will explain step-by-step how the process works. The homeowner will know how long to expect the jobsite sign to remain in their yard, and they will understand why and how they need to write a testimonial letter. Be sure you explain your tactics to your client so they can convey them to their homeowners.

Step 2 Jobsite Sign:

When your coaching client's business is doing a good job, tell them to let the entire neighborhood know about it. Jobsite signs are effective in branding their jobsite amd it evokes tremendous social proof to all drivers-by.

Step 3 Take-One Flyers:

A jobsite sign isn't enough to answer every question a potential customer might have when he/she passes by. True to our belief that education and an accompanying low-risk offer are the basic advertising guidelines to follow, you want to create and design flyers that passers-by can grab from right next to your coaching client's jobsite sign.

Step 4 Radial Postcards:

A series of 3 postcards should be mailed out to area neighbors from 125 up to a recommended 250 neighbors. The postcards are variable data printed which means that the homeowners name will be on every one. Talk about using social proof. This step also hits all of the neighbors who never pass by their jobsite.

Step 5 Check Mailer:

Sometimes the best incentive to go forward with a decision is money. Our proximity marketing campaign doesn't neglect this method of persuasion. After warming up the neighborhood with radial cards and jobsite information, instruct your coaching client to send out a check mailer to everyone. A check mailer is just what it sounds like. It's a direct mail piece made to look like a check with a dollar amount made out to the individual receiving the mailing.

Step 6 Testimonial:

The homeowner is your coaching clients best advertisement. Let them sing your praises. Using their testimonial, your client can take advantage of social proof and benefit from the good things their client has to say. Their neighbors won't have to just trust anymore, now that one of their own approves of them. Usually testimonials are buried on websites or in prepositioning kits. This hot-off-the-press testimonial will convert more leads than you'll believe.

Step 7 Telemarketing:

Telemarketing is one of the few marketing devices that allow a live person to interact with your clients prospects. Now that your clients prospects have been converted from cold into warm leads with the first 6 steps of the proximity marketing campaign, they're primed for a call. As a coach, you should help your client develop scripts to best convert these leads. If they don't get the sale at this point, you still have 2 more steps to achieve conversion.

Step 8 Door-to-Door:

Unlike traditional door-to-door canvassing, your client just needs one person to knock on the neighbors doors. They will be able to quickly convert leads into appointments because so much of the work has already been done for them. At this stage, these neighbors have received 5-6 mailers and flyers and received a telemarketer's call. A canvasser can quickly and easily field all of the questions this campaign has created in the prospects mind. And in the event that no one's at the door, just use this last step.

Step 9 Door Hangers:

If the canvasser couldn't reach the neighbors at home, instruct your client to leave one last marketing piece - a door hanger.

This robust marketing campaign will convert many leads into sales. Neighborhoods will be lining up for your clients services or products. And best of all, this is a laser-targeted marketing program with extremely low costs to execute.