Steal These 21 Time-Tested List Building Ideas Using Teleseminars

1. E-zine Advertising E-zine ads that offer free / fee teleseminars X X
2. On / Off-line Articles Articles that offer "recorded live," content-rich
Teleseminar on specific areas of expertise
3. Study Guide Answers Answers to teleseminar Study Guide that "transparently" reveals interviewer notes   X
4. Preview Call "Shy Yes" page that leads to tele-registration X X
5. Auto Responders Offer free teleseminars to prospects on Day 7 of a relevant auto responder email sequence   X
6. Google Adwords Purchase paid keyword phrases that build a teleseminar "topic-specific" list from scratch X  
7. Testimonials Capture opt-ins from authentic endorsements   X
8. Signature Files Teleseminar "ethical bribe" sent via JV emails   X
9. Chamber of Commerce Join your local Chamber and offer teleseminars X X
10. Business Cards Teleseminar "offers" on back of business cards   X
11. Direct Mail Postcards Teleseminar "offers" via "snail mail" postcards X X
12. Paid Affiliate Calls Affiliates promote $1 or $20 "Preview Calls" X  
13. Public Speeches Tele-content "ethical bribe" via platform talk   X
14. Radio Interview Tele-content "ethical bribe" via radio interview   X
15. Opt-Out Offers Tele-content "ethical bribe" on opt-out page X X
16. Tele-Introduction Live URL reference by tele-guest or tele-listener   X
17. Blog Posts Blog news story on upcoming live teleseminar   X
18. Tele-Replays Tell-A-Friend invitation for "replay" listeners   X
19. Package Inserts Free teleseminar as "Unadvertised Bonus Gift" X X
20. Podcast Opt-Ins Teleseminar offers via "time-shifted" Podcasts   X
21. Solo Email "PS" JV Partner offer via solo email broadcast offer   X