How To Offer Free Plus Shipping With Forced Continuity

Once you set up a membership site, you need a simple strategy to compel new members to join your monthly program. This strategy guide will take you through one of the top strategies specifically designed to draw in high volumes of members.

This guide is designed to walk you through each step of the strategy for Free + Shipping With Forced Continuity. This is an easy strategy to execute and you'll see how you can cross-use it with other strategies to increase its effectiveness.

Let's get started!

This strategy is based around an event (seminar, webinar or teleseminar) that allows for interaction with your target demographic and offers them something for free in exchange for their membership which leads to forced continuity.

This strategy involves:

  1. Presentation Opportunity
  2. Free + Shipping & Site Trial Offer
  3. Email Invite
  4. Automatic Billing

What is Forced Continuity?

Forced continuity is the concept of signing up for something in order to get something for free. You've experienced this or come into contact with this marketing tool hundreds of times in your life. Think back…

Were you ever offered 25% off your total purchase if you agreed to apply for an in-store credit card?

How about free shipping if you agreed to sign up for that company's newsletter?

These are all ways to increase the sellers' future contact with you in order to sell more products and services to you.

Not only is this strategy widely-used (and therefore a sub-consciously acceptable form of marketing), but highly effective. People love to get stuff for free…anything for free. This puts them in the buying mindset and establishes a level of trust with you.

Presentation Opportunity

In order for this strategy to work you need to have contact with your target market. This is best done through a public speaking opportunity such as a seminar, webinar or teleseminar. The key components to a successful seminar are:


Consider where you're going to have your event. If it's a live presentation, it needs to be centrally located to where your target audience is. You should have already performed a market study to find out who in your local area is interested in the information you have to offer. Find a venue that will hold the desired number of audience members.

Assure that the location is easy to find, comfortable, has plenty of parking and meets your presentation needs. Work with a local Chamber of Commerce or networking group and you'll likely get a discount or donation on the rental of the space.

Strategy Implementation Steps:

If your event is a webinar or teleseminar, the logistics above won't apply. However, build as much participant interaction into your presentation as you possibly can. If you have several participants on your call or webinar, you will typically be forced to mute the entire group during your presentation or the background noise becomes intolerable.

Instead, make sure the service you use to host the call or webinar has the ability to unmute individuals after the presentation, and be sure to build in time for at least a brief Q & A session to gain audience involvement.


Not only should you already have a demographic in mind, but you should start marketing your seminar at least a month ahead of time. This is most effective via direct mail. Always ask for reservations and hint that the seminar is booking fast. While it's your choice whether to charge a fee to attend or not, free seminars will bring in a larger audience and increase your close rate.

Strategy Implementation Steps:


It's important to make sure your audience is comfortable, but it won't mean anything if they don't stay awake during your presentation. You need to make sure it's interesting and use multiple media styles to do this.

Audiences like visuals and you can do this with a PowerPoint for live presentations as well as webinars, photographs on the walls, physical display items and other items that allow the audience to take part in the presentation.

Work in questions that will get your audience involved in the discussion and thinking about the possibilities of using your membership site program. You need to engage them and leave them wanting more at the end of your presentation.

Do not cross over into used car salesman territory. You want them to buy, but you don't want them to feel like they need a shower when they get home. Buyer's remorse will kill your deal faster than anything else. Compel them to buy the benefits you provide rather than attempt to sell them a membership program.

Strategy Implementation Steps:


Make sure your audience is comfortable. If the event is live, set up the room so everyone can see you and your presentation materials. Set up a table with water, coffee and other snacks and drinks.

Leave freebies on the tables at each spot. Notepads and pens are great because they encourage note taking.

If the presentation is by webinar or teleseminar, make sure the audio and video is clear and easy to hear and understand. If possible, record it so those who can't remain until the end can access the information later.

Strategy Implementation Steps:

Free + Shipping & Site Trial Offer

When you move to wrap up your presentation, transition into how your program can help them accomplish all the amazing goals you set out during your presentation. Throw out the offer of a free DVD or book and add the plus shipping for $7.95. The free items need to have huge value, not just throw away items. In order for the shipping fee to work, the audience will need to fill out a form with their contact information for the item to be sent to them.

Always have one copy of the item with you to show it off. Pitch something like…

"I begged my publisher for 200 copies before I came today, but they just didn't have time to get them produced. But, I want you to have it, so I told them to start getting a large quantity of them ready for me. I'm offering all of you this book for free as a thank you for attending today. All I ask in return is you pay the shipping and handling the publisher charges which is only $7.95."

You see how you can offset the "why didn't you just bring some to hand out?" and capture their information for your database while still offering them the free gift.

This must be tied together with the trial offer of the membership site you were referencing in your presentation as well. One does not exist without the other.

As you move through the free DVD or book, briefly go back over the benefits to remind them of how their lives will be changed with this free trial and the membership program which is valued at $XX,XXX.

Since you already spoke about this program throughout the seminar, they'll be interested in receiving a free trial just for coming.

You need to disclose an entire overview of the offer:

"Just for attending today, you'll receive my [DVD name] for only the $7.95 shipping cost PLUS a 30-day free trial in the [name or topic] membership site program. After the first thirty days you'll automatically be charged $97 per month for continued membership and access to all the amazing tools, resources and support… plus all the updates as we make them."

"This site was created at a cost of more than $20,000 and over a 2 year period of time. You can cancel at any time, even after the free trial."

Strategy Implementation Steps:

Email Invite

After you shake some hands and kiss some babies, it's time to get back in the office. The first order of business is inputting all the attendee information you gathered into your database. If you have a teenager taking up room on the couch, entice them to make a quick $20. Once your database is updated put together a simple email campaign to invite them to the sales page to claim their free DVD.

Keep it simple and start with a thank you for attending your seminar.

Once they visit the sales page, they'll be taken through the process of ordering their DVD (which they'll input their payment information to be billed for the shipping cost) and start their free 30 day trial of the membership site program.

Strategy Implementation Steps:

Automatic Billing

Because you set up automatic billing for your membership site, your members will automatically be billed the $97 per month through the payment method they selected.

Always make sure you've disclaimed on the form and sales site that after their free trial they will be billed $97 per month for the continuation of their membership program.

Strategy Implementation Steps:

Not only is the Free + Shipping With Forced Continuity strategy a winner, but it's simple to plan and execute. If you've never marketed through a seminar, now is the time. Once through you're first seminar you'll be ready to jump on board for the next one.

You're only 4 Steps from boosting your members and increasing your revenue.

  1. Presentation Opportunity
  2. Free + Shipping & Site Offer
  3. Email Invite
  4. Automatic Billing

Use the Free + Shipping With Forced Continuity strategy with every promotion you put forward and not only will you draw in more members, but you'll see sales increase overall for your projects.