How To Execute A Powerful Gift Card Strategy

Here's a common problem: People aren't often creative and fun, so they end up giving predictable, boring gifts every year for birthdays and Christmas. And they hate it. Nobody WANTS to be that boring gift giver. We just succumb to it because we can't think of anything better. What if you could find a way to make giving your product or service fun and interesting? People would be more willing to buy stuff from you as gifts since you would not only allow them to check "getting the gift" off their to-do list, you would also allow them to check off "having some fun."

Let me use a friend of mine as an example: Two years ago for Christmas he wanted to buy his wife Lasik eye surgery. Not exactly easy to wrap up and put under the tree. The Lasik center did have gift certificates, and he got one. But that's boring.

So he went to the dollar store and bought several pairs of those magnification reading glasses, crushed them up and put the pieces into an eight-inch tall decorative jar with a screw-on lid. Total cost was about $7. It made a great present because no one knows what a bunch of crushed up eye glasses in a jar sounds like.

When his wife finally opened the present she saw a bunch of mangled frames and broken glass. She got the trademark "what the !?!" look on her face... until she saw the note, "You won't be needing your glasses anymore."

So let's extend these ideas into something you could do for your business. Think for a minute… how could you package your "gift card" with something tangible to make it a fun gift for your customers to give for a birthday or during the holiday season? This is an especially great idea if your product is not tangible (like Lasik) and the gift receivers, therefore, wouldn't necessarily expect to receive a hard-good or tangible "gift" under the tree.

There are several ways to do this. The easiest being to either package the gift card with some kind of related toy (hey, it's Christmas... even an adult could use a new toy!) or with something old and worn out. Here are a ton of examples to get your brain going, in near alphabetic order:

Get the point? As a business owner, find ways to package what you sell as a gift that's fun, interesting, and unique. Your spouse or kids will have more fun this year as they open an assortment of bizarre gifts from you. And maybe best of all, we now have eBay at our disposal, so there's no limit to your wackiness.