How To Write A Compelling Script… EVERY Time

Follow this format to create a competition-crushing script with a compelling offer…

  1. Open with an attention-grabbing, interrupting headline or opening paragraph focused on a problem, fear, frustration or concern
  2. Engage by promising a solution to the problem in the opener (focus on the benefits and the likely outcome they will experience)
  3. Give them a reason to purchase
  4. Tell them what you will do to help them gain the benefits
  5. Be specific about the actions they will take
  6. Offer them a compelling bonus or some form of additional incentive (when practical)
  7. Reverse their potential risk using powerful guarantees
  8. End with a PS (use it to restate the benefits)

Follow these eight steps when delivering any form of message and that message will compel your prospects to take immediate action. This basic script can also be used for joint venture partnerships as well as affiliate partners. It's the same whether you’re the endorser or the endorsee. The only difference is who is delivering the offer.

Let me give you an actual example of this so you can see for yourself how powerful this format can be when you use it for your own business. And let’s take what may be the single, most difficult thing in the world to market to anyone in this day and age… a health supplement.

There must be around a million or so of these on the market. Every two seconds you hear an ad for them on radio or TV. They’re all over the internet and in every form of print media. And yet, by following our Compelling Script Template, watch how we can compel even the biggest health skeptic into trying our supplement.

I’ve worked for years with various chiropractors. They all want to sell vitamin supplements to their patients as a way to create a secondary source of income for their practice. So in this example, let’s say you’re a chiropractor offering premium vitamins to your database of prospects and patients.

Step one says to always begin with an attention-grabbing, interrupting headline.

Dear Mary:

As your doctor, your health and well being are always my top concerns, and I’m constantly bombarded with drug companies asking me to recommend their vitamin supplements to my valued patients. I have never been the least bit tempted to recommend any type of supplement to any of you… until NOW!

This headline grabs attention because it instantly arouses curiosity. What could possibly have impressed this doctor so much that he’s writing me to make a personal recommendation?

Step two says to engage them by promising them a solution and to focus on the benefits of these supplements and the outcome they should expect if they use them.

Most of you know that I specialize in relieving chronic pain, and the latest scientific research has uncovered that a nutritional supplement called Relief X can almost instantly relieve chronic pain where other treatments have been colossal failures. After recommending them to several select patients of mine with chronic pain, and seeing their almost miraculous improvement overnight, I felt I would be committing a felony if I didn’t at least notify you of my discovery.

In my humble opinion, these supplements represent a major scientific breakthrough in chronic pain relief. They contain a special wax coating that survives stomach acid and slowly dissolves in the intestines where it can be immediately absorbed at full strength. Most supplements dissolve in the stomach and less than 15% of the medication enters your bloodstream.

Notice how he promises a solution to chronic pain and states the benefits that prompted him to make his recommendation. Now let’s move to step three and give them the reason they should purchase these supplements.

Because of their high potency, these supplements are not available at any store. The manufacturer will only allow these to be offered through specially trained chiropractors. They are asking us to monitor our patient’s results so they can use it next year in their nationwide marketing campaign.

Since they’re looking for dramatic results and testimonials, I was able to convince them that the more of my patients that participated in this clinical study, the more results and testimonials they would receive. They agreed and offered me a 35% discount for recommending these to my entire patient roster. I want to pass that savings on to all of you and make sure everyone can easily afford to try these remarkable supplements for yourself.

Step four says to tell them the specific action you will take to help them gain the benefits.

My past experience indicates that the vast majority of you with chronic pain will experience immediate relief. However, no supplement is 100% effective for everyone. That’s why I also negotiated a 100% unconditional guarantee with the manufacturer. If any of you don’t experience immediate relief from your chronic pain, you can notify me and I’ll personally refund 100% of your money.

Step five says to be specific about the actions they will take.

Please call my receptionist Mary Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm and let her know how many you would like to order. She will call in your order direct to the manufacturer so we can insure you receive the 35% discount. You should have your supplements within 3 days and no more chronic pain after that.

Step six is to offer them a compelling bonus.

Once you rid yourself of your chronic pain for good, let’s make sure it never returns again. I’m going to offer everyone who places an order a complimentary wellness assessment and diet plan with Judy, our on-staff nutritionist. This is normally a $450 service we provide, but for those of you who take advantage of this offer, I’ll provide it to you free of charge. Consider it my gift to you to get you started on finally living a pain free life.

Step seven says to reverse any perceived risk.

As I mentioned earlier, although I have tremendous faith in the results all of you will experience with these supplements, nothing is 100% effective. For those few of you who don’t feel immediate relief within 24 hours of taking your first supplement, notify Mary and we’ll issue you an immediate refund… and you go ahead and keep the remaining supplements and see if they eventually provide you with the same dramatic results as my trial patients experienced.

Please allow me to thank all of you for your past patronage to my practice. I hope my discovery turns out to be the key for most of you to return to a totally pain free life and a revitalized lifestyle. All of you deserve it.

To your health,

Dr. Mark Smith

Step eight is to always end a letter like this with a formal P.S. that highlights the benefits you offer.

P.S. Don’t forget these supplements are effective because of the revolutionary new coating that actually survives stomach acid and becomes fully digested in the intestines so you receive 100% of the pain relieving formula that’s safe, effective and just plain works.