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We install, repair and replace EVERY type of furnace and central air conditioner for homeowners

Who are building new homes, or have a current home that has an old, worn out furnace, and who are concerned about the safety of their family, the lousy temperature control in their home, and the resale value of their property,

And are looking for a furnace that will last a long time, have no hidden charges or fees, and are installed by certified, uniformed heating specialists.

You see, most people who need furnace repairs aren't’ even aware that the contractor they use can make all the difference in the world. For example, did you know that 75% of ALL heating contractors are financially unstable – and if they collect all the money you owe them – but fail to pay ANY of their suppliers – that supplier can attach a lien waiver to your property – and prevent you from selling it until they receive full payment.

Are you also aware that most manufacturers of furnaces and central air conditioners require that contractors become "certified" in the installation of their products. Unfortunately, even though the heating contractor receives this certification, their employees don’t. And yet, they’re the ones installing the product in your home, which explains why the heating industry has the second worst reputation in the country – with auto repair claiming the top spot.

You will even discover contractors who ask you to put cash up front to get the project started. There are only 2 times you should ever be asked to do this – if you special order a particular furnace that’s not returnable, or if you have poor credit. It’s no wonder the industry has such a dubious reputation.

Not only do we avoid the situations I just mentioned; but we felt the industry standards were so lax and unregulated, that we created a Code Of Ethics And Competency Standard that we strictly adhere to. We are the ONLY heating and cooling contractor in the state that provides this for its customers – and it covers 18 major areas of concern for people installing furnaces and air conditioners in their homes.

In fact, to help homeowners like you make the best decision possible, we offer a FREE Report detailing these standards. It’s called the 2005 Code Of Ethics And Competency Checklist

Which contains all the questions you’ll need to ask any HVAC company to provide you proof of their reputation, workmanship, stability, and customer service. This will insure that you’re getting the best products and installation possible for your money. We also have over 1,100 references and a 13-minute quality assurance video that explains these standards in depth and provides visual verification that we meet each and every standard in full. In fact, upon request, we will provide you with our workers qualifications and certification scores. We don’t want you worrying about the safety of your family or your possessions in the presence of our workers. This helps explain why we are the only ones in our industry that offer a 10 year warranty that covers both materials and workmanship – a warranty that’s fully transferable should you ever sell your home. This is unmatched by any other HVAC contractor in the industry. This will virtually remove any concerns you may have regarding the value you get for your money.

I will be in your area later this week, would you like me to stop by and leave you a written estimate along with the Free Code Of Ethics Checklist?