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We design and build wooden fences for homeowners.

Who have old, worn out fences that sag or lean, and who are concerned about the safety of their children, the looks of their yard, and the resale value of their home,

And are looking for a fence that will look good, last a long time, have no hidden charges or fees, and are built by certified, uniformed fencing specialists.

You see, most people who buy fences aren't' even aware that the materials used are critical to that fence's longevity, and that almost all fencing companies compromise on the quality in order to offer a lower price and get jobs from customers who don't know any better. For instance, you probably know you need pressure treated wood for your posts and rails, but did you know that pressure treatment is classified based on what is called retention value. A 0 retention value is classified as untreated, but a 0.2 retention value is considered treated. The problem is, this type of wood will only last 2-3 years before breaking down. This is what most fencing contractors will quote you when you ask about price so they can give you a low figure. Well, we only use posts and rails with a 0.6 retention value. This will last 15 - 20 years. We use only #1 Western Red Cedar. Our competitors use #2's. We construct our fences with 4 x 4 posts. The industry standard requires 2 x 4's. We use aluminum nails and ring shanks to avoid rusting and weed marks on your fences. All of these add up to a fence that will last 15 - 20 years, instead of 3 - 5 years like our competitions. In fact, to eliminate any inconvenience to you, we take care of marking off your underground utilities and pulling all required work permits so you don't have to take time off work and stand in line for half a day to do this yourself.

Not only do we always offer only high quality materials like I just mentioned; but we also implement several other quality controls that most fence companies don't use. For example, we carefully screen our workers with criminal and background checks, and certify them before they ever pick up a hammer.

In fact, to help homeowners like you make the best decision possible, we offer a FREE Fencing Standards Checklist

Which contains all the questions you'll need to ask any fencing company to make sure that you're getting the best fence possible for your money. We also have over 1,100 references and a 13-minute quality assurance video showing comparison pictures of fences done the right way and the wrong way 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 months after the job. In fact, upon request, we will provide you with our workers qualifications and certification scores. We don't want you worrying about the safety of your family or your possessions in the presence of our workers. This helps explain why we are the only ones in our industry that offer a 10 year warranty that covers both materials and workmanship - a warranty that's fully transferable should you ever sell your home. This is unmatched by any other fencing contractor in the industry. This will virtually remove any concerns you may have regarding the value you get for your money.

I will be in your area later this week, would you like me to stop by, measure your yard, and leave you a written estimate along with the Free Fencing Standards Checklist?