Spray Coating

We offer the world's only 3 second seamless cure floor coating that requires no maintenance, makes your office look like a palace, adds value and prestige to your business and is completely backed up with a lifetime warranty


We install beautiful zero maintenance seamless, instant dry flooring that showcases your office and comes with a lifetime guarantee

Do you know how builders are at the mercy of their concrete contractors to develop a high quality product that's inexpensive to buy, looks great when applied and is so reliable it will never crack, split, chafe or flake?

We offer builders a revolutionary new product that eliminates every one of these problems forever, enabling them to sell more homes faster… at no additional cost… while dramatically increasing their overall profit margins.

Builders today are held accountable by their homeowners for every mistake and flaw that occurs with their homes… even years down the road. One of the most annoying and nagging defects has to do with the foundation, driveway and sidewalk.

Our extreme temperature variations create havoc with cement, and the result is frequent cracking in the foundation resulting in leaks and floods… peeling and chafing driveways that look horrendous and detract from the looks of the home… and sidewalks that at times become impassable.

I can eliminate each and every one of these problems completely from the equation… and back up that claim with a total and complete lifetime guarantee. I install beautiful, seamless zero maintenance flooring that looks great, dries in seconds and dramatically accentuates the appearance of any home or office.

Imagine being able to offer your homeowners a revolutionary new space-age product that makes their entire foundation waterproof for life… their basement, driveway and sidewalk completely non-skid… will never crack, peel or chafe… fights mold, bacteria and germs… and just for good measure is fire proof… graffiti proof… completely chemical resistant… and totally maintenance free.

I know this sounds too good to be true, so let me back up everything I just said. I will apply this cutting-edge coating to the foundation, basement, driveway and sidewalk for your next home… and I will do it at my cost… just to prove to you that I can deliver on each and every promise I made. If you like what you see, I'll be happy to provide you with an exclusive builder discount that is so low in price you can easily pass the additional cost on to the home buyers.