Pest Control

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We seek out and destroy bugs and pests for homeowners

Who may have recently experienced or anticipate experiencing a pest control problem; or perhaps are moving into a new home and want to avoid the hassle of spraying once they move in

And are looking for a pest control company that won't destroy their home with hazardous chemicals or sloppy technicians; apply proper, safe chemicals that will last a long time; have no hidden charges or fees; and the applications are performed by certified, uniformed pest control specialists.

You see, most people who have their homes treated aren't even aware that the technicians that apply the chemicals are critical to the effectiveness of the application, and that almost all pest control companies compromise on the quality of the people they use in order to offer a lower price and get jobs from customers who don't know any better. For instance, it's critical that you understand that to effectively treat bugs and pests, hazardous chemicals MUST be used within the confines of your home. If these chemicals aren't applied properly and professionally, they can not only contaminate and ruin your personal possessions such as furniture and clothing, but also your carpet and drapes. If you have small children or pets, this could result in illness or, in extreme cases, even death.

That's why all pest control companies have to be licensed to apply hazardous chemicals in their state. But here's the problem. The companies are licensed - but the technicians AREN'T. The state only requires the companies to be licensed - not the technicians performing the work. That's why we require our technicians to undergo a rigorous training and certification program so you can rest assured your home is being treated by a true professional. In fact, our technicians are required to present their certification license to EVERY one of our customers PRIOR to starting the job.

Once the chemical has been professionally applied and the technician has left, extreme care MUST be exercised for several hours following the application. Even though this is the responsibility of the homeowner, most pest control companies fail to provide any type of instruction or direction to homeowners regarding this critical phase. That's why our technicians provide EVERY customer with a quick 5 minute DVD that carefully explains the steps that need to be followed for the 3 hours after the application has been applied. This will insure maximum effectiveness while providing your family and possessions with the care and safety you demand.

Not only do we ALWAYS offer only high quality service like I just mentioned; but we also implement several other quality controls that most pest control companies don't use. For example, we carefully screen our workers and certify them before they are allowed in the truck. In fact, upon request, we will provide you with our workers qualifications and certification scores. We don't want you worrying about the safety of your family or your possessions in the presence of our workers.

To help homeowners like you make the best decision possible, we offer a FREE Pest Control Standards Checklist

Which contains all the questions you'll need to ask any pest control company to make sure that you're getting the best service possible for your money. We also have over 1,100 references and a 13-minute quality assurance video showing comparison pictures of pest control applications done the right way and the wrong way. This helps explain why we are the only ones in our industry that offer a 3 year warranty that covers both materials and workmanship - a warranty that's fully transferable should you ever sell your home. This is unmatched by any other pest control company in the industry. This will virtually remove any concerns you may have regarding the value you get for your money.

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