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Vandals bring construction project to halt – KRISTV.com

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on April 16, 2018

Vandals brought a renovation project at a local athletic field to a grinding halt, and this is not the first time this has happened.

People in Annaville are not happy after vandals left tens of thousands of dollars in damage at a kickball and baseball field. It happened overnight at the Oil Belt Little League Park and the Northwest Little Miss Kickball fields.

Vandals have targeted construction equipment in the area for the past few weeks. 

When construction crews got to their work sight early this morning, they found smashed windows and mirrors, trash thrown onto machinery, and debris in gas tanks. Damage was done to big and expensive pieces of equipment. 

“This one’s the most heinous of the offenses. We went inspect our equipment in the morning as usual, to find that a bunch of windows had been smashed out, some electrical opponents had been ripped out,” Patrick Leiwig, foreman for J. Carroll Weaver, said.

They found the park’s United States and Texas flags removed, and desecrated, thrown on top of restrooms. 

On top of that, vandals threw debris into machinery’s fuel tanks. If the equipment was turned on, that would have caused extensive damage to the motors, and could have started a fire. 

The grand total in damages?

“Low-ball we’re looking at about $20 grand in damages,” Leiwig said. 

The vandalism now delays a $400,000 dollar county project to improve park facilities. 

“It has basically shut this project down for a day. which costs the taxpayers and the contractor money,” Nueces County Commissioner Mike Pusley said.

Police are examining fingerprints, and a blood sample they found near smashed glass. Detectives are also looking at surveillance video, which shows a male trashing the construction equipment. They encourage anyone who has information about who committed the crime to contact police

“It’s frustrating. We’re out here trying to do something for the community,” Leiwig said. 

The county park is used by a the Oil Belt Little League, and girls’ kickball and softball teams, as well as the boy scouts. 

“We’re trying to do something to improve a complex that kids use, and we have people come over here and vandalize the equipment. It’s just really disheartening,” Commissioner Pusley said. 

Little league tryouts are scheduled for Saturday, and those will still take place.

“It’s an all too familiar occurrence. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident,” The Oil Belt Board told KRIS 6 News in a statement. “We have had break-ins to each concession stand as well as our board room, damage to safety nets, and fencing. This will not delay tryouts on Saturday.  Our plans stand to continue to serve the area youth and move forward with the preparations for the Spring season.”



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